The Lion of Judah – 2020.01.17

The Lion of Judah – 2020.01.17

See, the Sovereign Lord comes with power,
and he rules with a mighty arm.
See, his reward is with him,
and his recompense accompanies him.
Isaiah 40:10

For a long time Christians have been portrayed as weak, people who needed protection and help. They were portrayed as naive and in need of advice, stupid and simple-minded and in need of guidance, weak and in need of protection. To this day this is the way Christians are portrayed in movies.
For a long time, Christians were slaughtered like defenseless lambs or imprisoned. Even today this is happening in places such as North Africa, North Korea, China and other countries. But the lion of Judah, Jesus Christ, does not sleep. HE has paid an enormous price for His lambs and does not let them out of his sight. Rome had slaughtered the Christians, and yet Christianity defeated Rome. Jesus Christ has an overview of everything; HE does not let His people suffer because He is helpless, but He has a wonderful plan; – just as He had with Stephen, the first martyr.
HE has the power to change governments. HE has the power to destroy whole nations. HE also has the power to protect His people. Soon He, the LORD of Lords, will come with thousands of angels and He will judge. Then He will call out His sheep, and His flock will go before Him as the prize of victory that He has wrested from hell. HE will come with a strong arm, and all that is against Him will perish.
Sometimes we get a inkling of what this means. HE sometimes allows us to see and feel His great power here on earth. HE defeats death. HE defeats sickness. HE frees people from the clutches of Satan. HE is always the victor.
We have noticed the presence of God in our meetings has become so much stronger. The expectations in Him are also growing. The joy and peace of God is more strongly felt. The praise has become much stronger … People, it is the end time! The lion of Judah roars; – who will not tremble? Blessed are those who are safe in His bosom!!

Thank You Jesus, Yours is all the power on earth and also in Heaven. Your word is command, your word is done. Oh come in all Your strength, come, comfort Your people!

Intercession: On Friday, 5 p.m. German time, our little devotional ministry wants to hold a meeting in Siauliai, Lithuania. I ask for your prayers!!! Theme: Jesus Christ: in Him are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Colossians 2, 3

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