The look of Jesus  –  2020.05.13

The look of Jesus  –  2020.05.13

Jesus asks Peter:
Simon, son of John, do you love me?
John 21:17

Peter, the disciple of Jesus, always went first. He was No. 1 with his often too quickly bold mouth. He was the brave, unafraid, heroic one who wanted to defend his Master with the sword, give his life for Him. But at the moment of probation he quickly disappeared. He went into the court secretly but was recognized 3 times as one of the disiples which he denied 3 times. In this moment the rooster crowed as his Master had predicted. When the Lord turned to him and looked at him Peter started to cry and ran away. That was too much for him.
Some days later when he was fishing with the other disciples at the Sea of Galilee, Jesus sat on the shore, fried fish and invited  them to eat. Jesus looked at Peter which hit him deeply again. “Peter, do you love me?” Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.” Jesus asked him that a second time. A little bit more abashed Peter may have now replied: “Yes, Lord, I love you” But when Jesus asked him that a third time the situationed changed.  Now he knew that he loved Jesus and that his Master loved him. Jesus look at him was now certainly different and no longer Peter had to look away ashamed. The curse was broken, forgiveness and salvation came.
I was about 16 years old when I had an encounter with God. I suffered from melancholy at that time, was definetely not yet saved. It was rainy when I went for a walk in a forest. I looked up one time in the sky and suddenly saw a great white bright shining cloud. I immediately knew that was God. I was scared, ran away and hide myself at home. Later God touched me another time but again I avoided His love. I feared strong emotions, did not accept tears. Life was hard, so I thought.
When Jesus looks at us it goes deep through us. Can we ever hold His look?  He sees everything with X-ray eyes. I felt like Peter in the court. Nothing than running away. But later forgiveness and the salvation not only gave me the strength to hold the look of Jesus but also to enjoy that. He is now dwelling in my heart. He loves me and I love Him.

Thank You, Jesus, You accepted me,  saved me out of darkness, freed me of bad thoughts and emotions. You look at me in love and I love You!

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