The Lord and Guardian of Israel  –  2020.01.22

The Lord and Guardian of Israel  –  2020.01.22

The Lord who watches over Israel
will neither slumber or sleep!
Psalms 121:4

The Lord himself is the guardian of Israel. He will not sleep nor slumber. He always watches over His people. He does that not only over His people but also over the bride of Jesus, His community, since He will make a flock of both, of Israel and the Christian community. That is why His promises for His people also apply for us Christians. He, therefore, also watches over us and does not sleep for a second. How comforting, He is there, we can cry for help, when the enemy attacks us withpout warning and in unexpected situations. He definitely will protect us then with His strong hand. How many times I have thanked Him for His deliverance. He certainly had seen the disaster when I had no idea of it. In many cases He fought it off before it hit me.
But now and then I was struck by the enemy. More and more I learned to endure same so that at the end it served me best. I know He is there, protects me, I am secure! I feel good when I lift my eyes to Him. I breathe relaxed and freed of mountains of worries, duties, fears which otherwise would have killed me. At Him I will look and not at the mountains of burdens and stress. Jesus, my Sun is much higher and stronger than anything else. He is my Savior and even when so many sorrows want to suffocate me, I will trust Him.
Yes, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. He is wonderful, never comes too late. Even my son Gabriel He has healed and made him sound. He is able!  Also with regard to the people in Israel, His eyeball!

Thank You, Jesus, You are almighty! You take care not only of the universe, of big things but also of small things, small like me. Yes, I am in good hands with You – Hallelujah!

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