The Lord and His people – 2019.08.09

The Lord and His people – 2019.08.09

The prophet Samuel says to the people of Israel:
For the sake of His great name, the Lord will not reject His people, because the Lord was pleased to make you His own.
1 Samuel 12:22

In this speech Samuel recalls the faithfulness of God and the unfaithfulness of the people of Israel. How quickly they were running after other things and gods and forgetting the Lord. But God has chosen Abraham and because of his faith He has promised him to make a great, chosen people out of his descendants: Israel.
Even today God remains faithful, although only a few recognize His ways, although many choose worldly ways and the religious do not see the Lord because of laws. He has given them His word that the people of Israel will never perish and once come into their destiny and know the Lord, the Messiah.
In exactly the same way God made a nation of us Christians. Even if sometimes it is a naive nation, sometimes its love for the LORD is only “lukewarm”, sometimes it goes its own way, the LORD loves His people. HE has created it and HE has decided never to cast it out, not a single one. They are His children! He keeps His word! He is faithful, even if we are unfaithful!
He will complete His work on Israel, and He will also complete His work on us. He will complete His church without fault. He will fulfill His Word to us and bring us, each one of us, into His destiny. He has promised not to expel anyone who comes to Him. He has accepted us as His children…..
We can be sure that God will stick by us and never let us fall. Oh Lord, put this certainty deep, deep in our hearts! (It is one of the effects of the Holy Spirit, and we may ask for it if we do not have this certainty.)

Dear Lord Jesus, please put this certainty that You are faithful, deep into my heart! You love me, even if sometimes I do not act correctly. You accepted me as a child and forgave me. You have patience with me. You have chosen me and will bring me to perfection. Thank You, You keep Your word!!

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