The Lord, my Doctor  –  2019.12.14

The Lord, my Doctor  –  2019.12.14

…for I am the Lord, your healer.
2.Moses, Exodus 15, 26

How many diseases are prevented by people living sensibly or having a preventive doctor. How many diseases and operations are necessary because man eats and drinks against nature, has no movement and pays homage to pessimism in some way.
God says that He wants to protect us from diseases if we remain united with Him and live according to His commandment. For He is the Lord, our physician.
I observe again and again that the children of God do not have many diseases which they should have according to their constitution and disposition. They are healthy, although there are many things that speak against it, such as profession and work.
And others suffer from everything imaginable, because they have said goodbye to God and have now become the plaything of the powers.
It is not quite one hundred percent like that, but almost. Amazing! Yes, the Lord is already taking care of the diseases in advance.
And why do we Christians still get sick sometimes?
If we live massively against God’s order of creation, the damage also hits us sometime. If we live in sin and the connection to God is broken, it also hits us. Sometimes it is the same with us as with Job. We do not know the reason, it takes place in invisible worlds. And sometimes God wants to take us home and the illness becomes a harbinger so that we can deal with the subject. And some diseases hit us because we live in the middle of this world and the flu makes no difference; – just as the first of the ten plagues hit all, Egyptians and Israelis.
If we accept Jesus as Savior late in our lives, God will have to do some miracles to heal the damage of the long years without God. He is the physician who can do this. We can expect miracles! And we experience them. In the name of Jesus many a disease, even death, had to give way. We may use this name as James advises us. We should pray for one another, we should lay hands on the sick and pray full of trust in the name of Jesus. He is the physician who works miracles!

Thank ​Y​ou Jesus, through ​Y​our wounds we are healed, for our salvation the punishment lay on ​Y​ou. Thank ​Y​ou for ​Y​our care, even when we are sick. Thank ​Y​ou, You are the Lord, my doctor!

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