The Lord, victorious in battle

The Lord, victorious in battle

Who is this great king?
He is the Lord, strong and mighty,
the Lord, victorious in battle.
Psalms 24, 8

We are always somehow in the fight or quarrel. In the morning when we have to work and maybe some things go wrong and we may come too late, during the day with unhappy people, and perhaps the evening at home with the nagging spouse. Sometimes our battle is against sickness and death, sometimes with other people, sometimes in traffic, at work, with the kids, neighbors …. This constant struggle is good for us, it makes us stronger and more self-confident. But if the fight is too hard, we need help. How well that then Jesus is there! Even if we lose, He turns it into victory. Just like His death at the cross became the victory over hell, sin, and death.
The Lord is mighty in battle! He can do impossible things. Without lifting a finger, He can conquer sickness and other problems. Even in an “ongoing dispute” He can be my powerful aid, so that I can sing and play. He will always remain the winner! He, the King of glory, the Lord who is strong and impressive, the Lord mighty in battle, stands by my side. I just need to be still and look to Him. I must be on guard against revenge, and evil words. I do not want to be mean and bitter. I will praise Him, for He has always saved me and He will continue doing so. It may be that I have to give in, even if I should be right, and I have loss. But He is my provider and equips me with everything I need. It may be that I have to bury my pride, because others triumph. But, maybe that’s a good thing, isn’t it?
I am glad that the Lord, mighty in battle, is my friend and helper. Every day He stands by my side so that I am safe and secure. No one can hurt me, what He does not notice. He firmly holds me in His mighty hand!

Thank You Jesus, for keeping me in Your strong, loving hands! Nobody can hurt me without letting you know. You rule everything. From Your hand I can accept everything and with You I can always sing and play: Since You – my strong, beautiful, awesome God – are mighty in battle and strife!

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