The lost sheep

The lost sheep

Jesus says:
What do you think a man does who has one hundred sheep and one of them gets lost? He will leave the other ninety-nine grazing on the hillside and go and look for the lost sheep. When he finds it, I tell you, he feels far happier over this one sheep than over the ninety-nine that did not get lost. In just the same way your Father in heaven does not want any of these little ones to be lost.
Matth. 18, 12 – 14

Some time ago I met an old friend. He once had been deeply involved in addiction, but Jesus had freed him. A few years he lived happy in his freedom and was incorporated into the church. But something happened and he turned his back on the community. When I saw him, I realized that he is on his way back to his old life. He is one of these little ones who are so important to Jesus. He does not want that any should perish!
It may be that he himself is to blame. It may also be that the community did not care enough about him. But Jesus wants that He comes back to his flock! Jesus wants us to be responsible for another and stand up or each other in prayer and deeds. This self-blame thinking among other Christians for sure isn’t that pleasing to Jesus. He looks for disciples who go and seek the lost little ones. He needs you, so that you stand up for your brothers and sisters in prayer. He wants to encourage others through you and show them His love. Or do we not care about what Jesus feels?
This indescribable joy when a lost sheep returns to the flock, it is worth spending time and investing energy. This blessing of God is priceless for us! He wants us to avert our eyes from ourselves and our well-being and look at our brothers. Then He can pour out blessings in abundance about us.
Jesus can hardly pour out blessings on a cold, heartless community where everyone actually thinks only of himself and his best friends. But a community where one stands up for the other, He will overflow with life and blessing. Because they do His work.
Are you such a lost kid? A sheep that hopelessly got lost? Jesus seeks you. He will not rest until you lie back on His heart. He is waiting for you, looking for you, going after you, because you’re important to Him, expensive and valuable. He is it, who loves you!

Thank You, Jesus, that I am so important to You! Even if I get lost and forget You, You will never forget me. You go after me and look for me. And You will not rest until You have found me again. Then there will be big celebration! Please give me a sight for my siblings, so I realize where they need me. You love them just the same and want to have them in Your flock!

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