The lost Son  –  2020.05.10

The lost Son  –  2020.05.10

Quick, bring the best robe and put it on him.
Put a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet. …
For this son of mine was dead and is alive again;
he was lost and is found.
Luke 15: 22+24

The above mentioned son who had demanded his share of estate and spent it all in wild living now returned hungry with no money to his father filled with guilt. His father, however, was highly delighted about his return and welcomed him heartfully, wanted to celebrate his coming back.
Yes, that is our heavenly Father! When we want to live independently without Him, want to go our own ways, then He is waiting for us. He never lets us out of His sight. And when we sink into the mud He hears our cry for help and pulls us out of all rubbish. We confess our sins and He forgives, dresses us with a new robe of justice that Jesus has won for us on the cross. As a sign of God`s childhood He put a seal ring on our finger. We now have access to the throne of grace again, have authority and the power to command the evil. He gives us new shoes as well. In agriculture good shoes are essential because of the often muddy soil. Our steps should be firm and certain that we do not get dirty again.
Yes, immediately after the repentence one will be cleaned first like a child of God in a bathtube. All the dirt and sin of the world will be washed away. And then a great heavenly feast will be celebrated with new robes and new shoes, The son who got lost is back again! The father is happy together with the angels. Jesus cheers, is proud. His work on the cross for him was worth it. Another lost man has been won for heaven. Rejoice because you belong to heaven! And if you do not have access to heaven yet, come quickly to Jesus, confess your sins, repent and let yourself be cleansed of all dirt. He is awaiting you!

Thank You, Father, youn waited a long time for me and now you embrace me, dress me with justice, call me now Your child. How wonderful to live with You, to be alive!

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