The love – 2015.07.08

The love – 2015.07.08

The love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
1 Corinthians 13:7
With passion God likes to make us capable for love. We are egoists by nature. However, He wants to give us a new heart. We should learn from Jesus and be guided by His Spirit. He has loved us first by sending His Son to us, crucified Him at the cross to take away our debt, to open for us the gate to heaven. He gave us all as He loves us so much. As He has great desire for our community He likes to dwell in our hearts. Daily He wants to show us His love and to pour out His grace. He strengthens our heart, His dwelling place, and makes it tender at the same time, strong against suffering and persecution and on the other side merciful towards the suffering of others.
When He is King in my heart as I trust Him, I will be able to endure all with His love. I know I can throw all trouble on to Him. Out of love for us He suffered so that we are able to do the same. I am safe in Him as He, my Lord, loves me.
In all I can trust Him, even in most impossible situations. If I give Him the first place in my heart especially in days of trouble my faith will grow. All my concerns I will entrust to Him and will also pray for others. I am certain that my Father will jear my voice and wishes for His children.
I may expect everything from Him as He is my hope. Each morning! Therefore I can be happy and sing songs of thanksgiving. Living Hope!
I can withstand! I will not swim with the mainstream and am not forced to say yes when all other shout yes. I stand firm also when people talk bad things about me. I stay upright where other people fall. Yes, He is my rock!
I only trust in God not in man nor in my own power. I have been disappointed too often! But God is God, He never does change, He is faithful, He loves me. He keeps His promises.

Thank you, Jesus, for loving me so deeply! You are my rock on which I stand firm. I totally may rely on You for You are faithful and keep Your promises. You are my hope and never will let me be put to shame. Please forgive as my love to You is still weak and my compassion with other people has limits. Let my love grow, help me to encourage other people and to meet them with compassion. Thank you so much! With You I can go joyfully through the day!

Bible reading today Luke 16: 1-13

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