The many questions  –  2020.02.27

The many questions  –  2020.02.27

Jesus asked the man, “What shall I do to you? He answered, “Lord, I want to be able to see again.
Luke 18:40f.

The man was blind. And when he heard that Jesus was going through his city, he began to cry out: Jesus, son of David, have mercy on me! The people were angry, but he did not stop screaming. Jesus called him and asked him what he wanted. Yes, he wanted to be able to see again. And Jesus answered: “You shall see again, your faith has helped you. So the man could see again.
You can also see with your inner eye. We recognize connections, see our sin, see the grace of God, see the cross, look at Jesus … and we recognize more and more what redemption means. Jesus wants us to become seeing! Without this inner vision, without knowledge, we go astray. It may be about small things, but it is also about the view of the whole, of the great. The more we see inside, the more we recognize Jesus.
A few days ago I was at a meeting where a well-known prophet spoke. People hung on his lips and expected a lot from him. But he was only a man, actually they expected everything from God the Father. And the speaker was only a mediator.
But I was very surprised and restless, because such a great longing for God’s word is there for the respective situation. Such a hunger for truth, for redemption, liberation and sanctification. Like children crying out for food.
With God there is enough for everyone to be satisfied and see. HE is not stingy! The channel through which He sends everything is Jesus Christ, just like when He fed the 5000.
HE knows what our wishes and needs are. HE has answers and solutions. We can ask Him, but not in passing. There is no easy path to heaven, only the steep, thorny, rocky, narrow path that Jesus also walked. In being together with Jesus we find answers and solutions. In the church, the gathering of the brothers, we find knowledge. In the Bible we find explanations. Up, do not stay in self-pity, up and seek Him!

Thank You Jesus, You have me firmly in Your hand. You have redeemed me and Your redemption is all-encompassing. You have a way for me. Thank You for being with me.

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