The old Self  –  2020.05.27

The old Self  –  2020.05.27

Renew your mind and spirit,
putt on the new self, created to be like God …
Ephesians 4:23f

Listening to above words it is time to get active. They challenge us to renew our mind, to put on the new self. God does not do that without our readiness. The Holy Spirit helps us to put on our new self. But there are some who try to do that in own strength without the Spirit of God. In their endeavors to live holy, they follow their own ideas or the guidelines of the church with its saints and may achieve success externerly in the beginning. But that has nothing to do with a true transforation into Gods image. This is only possible with the Holy Spirit.
It is interesting that Paul speaks of the God
image in the present form. The new self in Jesus is already there. We only have to put it on, to invite Jesus to come into our heart.
Before above verses it reads that we should put off the old man who perishes in his blindness and desires. We have to change our lives, turn around. We have to do that again day by day with a concious decision. I don`t want to indulge my desires and lust, do not want to chase old goals for career and prosperity. I like to have plans which are pleasing God. I will get rid of everything which separates me from Him: All greed, complacency, self-pity, lies and deception, sexual impurity, striving for power… .Yes, all that I will put off and live a new life with the help of the Holy Spirit.
All my thoughts and wishes, my feeleings I submit to my Lord with the power of the Holy spirit. I invite Him to come by reading the bible and praying. He shows me where I have to change. He helps me to forgive, to throw all sorrows and fears on to Jesus. He fills my new life. Yes, so I can succeed – with His help. And He likes to help.

Jesus, I deliver all my thinking, my sense to You. You renew all in me according to Your plans, to become the image of God. Thank You for giving me Your Spirit, our Helper.

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