The One God  –  2019.12.16

The One God  –  2019.12.16

You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that, and shudder.
James 2, 19

It struck me that many Christians always speak only of “God”, and in many parishes people talk nicely about “God”. But the heart of the matter is missing. Because the devils also know that God exists. The Muslims pray to God, the Hindus have theirs, the Indians have some and every person thinks his God somehow right.
I would like to say, “God”, that is so unspecific, everyone can go along with it, everyone can say Amen. We want to bring people to the true God and not be friends with all the other religions. Only the Father of Jesus Christ is the Lord, no one else.
That is why it is good to pray in the name of Jesus Christ. So that God knows that He is meant and not just any God. And so that people know to whom we pray.
Jesus Christ is the God made to man. We are allowed to pray concretely. To Him, the Son of God, to Him be all glory, every praise, every thanksgiving. We pray all our petitions in the name of Jesus Christ. God is Jesus Christ!
It is not good when our words and our thinking are so vague and unspecific. We ourselves are easily tempted to mix all beliefs and religions. And our listeners do not know to which God we pray. Perhaps they think Allah or Manitou or Wotan or some other God is meant.
We don’t need to talk about “the Spirit” all the time, even if we mean the Holy Spirit. The esotericists get it wrong! It is important to be specific. The devil likes to confuse things.  He is a liar and an actor. He will mix everything. That is why we constantly talk about Jesus, our Lord. He is the LORD!
He is our Redeemer, and no one else. He is our intercessor before the throne of God, and no one else. It is He who completely redeems us from our sin, and no one else. Because of Him we have hope, even beyond death. If He is in our hearts, joy spreads, peace reigns over us and we are reconciled with God. That is why we pray to Jesus, our King and Lord!

Thank You Jesus, You are LORD! – and no one else. I love You, only You alone. I trust You, I follow You. Yes, You are my Lord who means well with me. Amen!

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