The past​ – 2019.08.24​

The past​ – 2019.08.24​

But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead.
Philippians 3, 13

Paul has his heavenly calling and Jesus before his eyes. He chases after this calling and wants to reach Jesus. That is why he considers everything that lies behind him for nothing. He lives for the present! He has a heavenly goal!
Today I talked to a person who did me a lot of harm. But he no longer knows anything about it, but thinks that it is all my failure.
But then I became very angry and we got into an argument. Afterwards I told myself that it was very unnecessary. Why get upset about the past? That doesn’t change anything.
I forgave that person. I would like to forget everything. And looking forward, how Jesus works in me and see my heavenly goal. He is the meaning and the goal of my life!
The past catches up with us again and again. Our own mistakes, failures and sins are always before our eyes. And the mistakes others have made about us, their wickedness and cruelty, often do not let us rest.
Yet God says, We should forget it. He has built a way for us to do this: Forgiveness.
When I rest in Jesus, then I know: He has forgiven and forgotten my guilt, and He causes in me that I also forgive it to myself and forget it. It doesn’t hurt anymore and I don’t feel any shame about it anymore.
It is exactly the same with the guilt others have against me. Jesus forgives them, I forgive them; He forgets, heals me and helps me to forget.
This is how heavenly peace becomes in me: Forgive and forget.
HE, my Jesus, is wonderful. He does everything that I cannot do myself. In Him there is rest, security, forgiveness, forgetting and an orientation towards new goals: Jesus and the heavenly calling.

O Jesus, how good it is for You to set me free from anger, wickedness, vengeance and mischief. You help me to forgive. You help me to forget. Now I am free to reach out to You and pursue my heavenly calling. You take care of everything, thank You!!!

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