The Prayer of the Righteous Person – 2020.01.02

The Prayer of the Righteous Person – 2020.01.02

The prayer of the righteous person is powerful in what it can achieve.
James 5:16

It can achieve much, but not everything. It can not be against God’s will, but only in accordance with Him. It can not change God or impose our will on Him. God is immutable, loyal, kind, merciful and patient.
You must be a “Righteous Person”. When I want to pray, I always ask Jesus at the beginning that He cleanses me from all sin and guilt. He does it with pleasure! And I thank the Lord for everything so that my eyes are focused on His greatness and not on the problems and injustices and anything else that draws me down. He is the Lord! And then I can begin to pray for people and things. Then I know: He is the victor, He is Lord, He has the last word! I often pray silently because I want to hear what God says. And then sometimes I just pray a sentence, but it should be in accordance with God’s will. And I know God hears this prayer. Yes, the prayer of a righteous man can achieve much!
Elijah was a person just like us. When he earnestly prayed that it wouldn’t rain, no rain fell for three and a half years. He prayed again, God sent rain, and the earth produced its fruit. (Verse 17 following)
When we’ve prayed, we want to take action. We want to believe what we prayed, and start moving full of confidence. Prayer and action must be consistent. Sometimes our action is waiting, but imbued with the certainty that God will act. This prayer calms our heart and makes us strong. Even if it looks as if nothing happens, we know that He is acting.
Sometimes we need to take steps of faith. And He will bless it when we go at His hand.
Sometimes there is a “division of labor”. There are people who pray, and others who acting. There are many people who pray for our devotions that God will open the hearts of the people and talk to them. And there are the translators, supporters and writers. They need the protection of intercession, they need wisdom and the power of God! Please, do not get tired to pray for us! God is doing great things; He himself consoles His people.

Thank You, Jesus that You are paying attention to my prayer! You know the desires of my heart and I can seek harmony with You. You soothe my heart and fill it with strong certainty: Yes, You never leave or forget me! You are a wonderful Lord, in whom I can trust.

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