The Promise – 2015.09.08

The Promise – 2015.09.08

They all joined together constantly in prayer.
Acts 1:14

When Jesus was dead, his disciples where scatted like sheep without a shepherd. But when He rose again they got their courage back and stuck together. He taught them a lot what they had not understood. And than, they went on top a mountain and He was ascended into heaven. Previously he told them:" Do not leave Jerusalem, wait for the promise of the Lord. You will receive the strength of the Holy Spirit and you will become my witnesses." Now the disciples stuck together and waited for the the Lords fulfillment of His promise. In unison, like one heart and one soul, they waited. They did not just kill time, they rather did an active waiting. They prayed together, told stories of what they had experienced with Jesus, and they discussed the meaning of the promise. The disciples longed for their Lord. They wanted him back with every fiber of their heart! This explains the bad shape of the Church of Christ: they do not wait in unison for the Lord. They do a lot of different things but they do not wait for the promise of the father. They do not long for it. They are content with what they have. But we are not! We want more! We want to experience Jesus. We want to see His work. We want to live His kingdom. We want Him to rule and reign!
This is why we want to pray together – not by ourselves – in unison without disagreement until He fulfills his promise: you will receive the strength of the Holy Spirit.
He will not come to a church in conflict. He visits those brothers and sisters who are together in peace and love. He will not visit those that are all full of activities – nobody has time for Him anymore. He will not visit where his children do not pray. There are a lot of services full of nice words and rituals but little prayer. So much nice songs and worship but no turning to the living God.
He will come, when His children pray in unison. He is noticeable, even visible in their mid. He will show his glory. He can fill the hearts, heal the illnesses diseases, and give courage, hope, and happiness abundantly. Let us wait for Him, our Lord!

Thank You Jesus, You are not a king who is enthroned somewhere far in heaven. You are with us. You are a mighty God! Forgive where we keep you from being king. Forgive our small disagreements and forgive us not being in unison! Help us to wait actively for Your promise! We love You and we want You back!
Bible reading today: Psalm 120:1-7

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