The redemption   –  2020.03.21

The redemption   –  2020.03.21

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4, 19

Sometimes we limit redemption through Jesus Christ and the cross to the forgiveness of sin and eternal life. But redemption is so comprehensive, so omnipresent, so constant and everlasting, – I cannot really say exactly, but it goes far beyond what is taught.
And I am constantly discovering new areas in which redemption is to become a reality.
By redemption I mean everything that Jesus bought for us on the cross and from which He has freed us. All the blessings that we can receive because of the cross is this redemption.
I had been a Christian for many years before I realized that I could pray for health and healing from illness. Before that I thought that the body is a secondary matter, not important for Jesus, only the spiritual matters are important to Him.
Likewise, it was only after a long Christian life that I realized that I can pray for the things I have lost and had to search for; – even for parking lots. And Jesus answers such “unimportant” prayers! In these little things the whole love of Jesus was shown to me and I was often overwhelmed by His care in these little things. Yes, I was blown away when I noticed this personal care of Jesus. It strengthened my trust in my Lord enormously. – Release from the panicky, hectic search.
I’m so glad that redemption also applies to this virus. Yes, I am redeemed from fear, because either way I am in Jesus’ strong hand. Whether I get it or not, He decides; – of course I am careful, that’s clear, isn’t it? – and I am safe in Him.
HE made me free of worries. He made me free of money. He made me free from pride and selfishness. HE took away my worries about the children. . . . Oh, the list of salvations could go on for hours! Think about it, what is necessary for you? Where do you need redemption? And then talk to the LORD about it and look in the Bible for what God says about it. Sometimes you need someone to talk to or pray with.

Thank ​Y​ou for ​Y​our comprehensive salvation! You are my wonderful LORD! You’re my beautiful shepherd.

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