The richness of God – 2019.12.28

The richness of God – 2019.12.28

You care for the land and water it;
you enrich it abundantly.
The streams of God are filled with water
to provide the people with grain,
for so You have ordained it.
Psalm 65:9

The abundance is in God! If we totally trust Him we will not go short of nothing. He has everything in abundance and likes to give out of His richness readily. He is the God who is eager to share everything with us.
Sometimes we have wishes which our Lord is fullfilling immediately as He is our Father who loves us. However, He will not give answers to prayers which are not to our benefit in His eyes. He is not interested that we are living in poverty and is not intending at all to torture and punish us. He is over all a good Father who cares for His children. He is listening to their prayers with tender care.
We as His children are stewards and distributers of His richness. If we richly give and not holding back He will pour out more. If we give to our best ability and still need more to help He will provide us with the necessary. The faithfull Georg Möller who did not receive any salaries, he feeded and sheltered thousands of orphans mainly through prayers. We should refuse to believe in a small and stingy God. Too often He has given prove to be generous. We should not forget that.
Even if we go through hard times yet He is there. When the Israelites walked through the desert for years no shoe came to pieces and no clothes were torn or getting old. He is the Lord who cares for everything and can help us always.
One day I was very much challenged by a rainy period of about 18 months. At that time I was owner of quite a lot of cattle and I was very much concerned to obtain sufficient hay for them. In August, however, the rain suddenly stopped for 10 days and all feed for the winter could be gathered. The cows had not to starve, all troubles were over. Even though I was in great despair sometime in view of the steady rain, He finally took care about me, provided me with feed for the cattle more than enough. Inmidst of terrible circumstances God`s grace was much more extensive.

Thank You, Jesus, You are Lord! All things might be against us, You are there nevertheless protecting and blessing us. You have everything in abundance and like to share Your richness with us. Even when I failed You never leave me alone, I need not to suffer from hunger. Even if we are not living in luxury You always are providing us with the necessary. How wonderful You are, I have to praise and thank You always!

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