The right Hand of the Lord – 2016.09.16

The right Hand of the Lord – 2016.09.16

The Lord’s right hand is lifted high;
the Lord’s right hand has done mighty things!
I will not die but live,
and will proclaim what the Lord has done.
Psalm 118, 16f.

If you sit in the valley of tears, you’ll quickly find the culprits of your misfortune: There’s the doctor who wrote the wrong drug; there is a teacher who did not understand or the evil boss who only makes demands but does not understand anything or the "loving" spouse who shows no little compassion … Always and everywhere we are looking for culprits and we find them! This brings us to ponder ourselves, pulling us down is totally worthless, because it causes no good (or something you can undo?) And brings us into bitterness, accusations and turning to ourselves – self-pity.
Our verse in the Bible, however, is great! What a powerful promise! That’s much better than this eternal brooding and a bad mood, fishing in the dirt of sin or feeling sorry for yourself.
The promise, however, is embedded: Before and after are very many: Thank you, Lord – and that is the key to make the promise come true: Thanks! Praise and thanksgiving bring the hand of God moving.
It is by the grace and power of the Lord’s speech. How often He has helped! The poet says again and again, "Thank you, Lord!" "Now it seems to him to go to life. But he does not despair, but clings to the Lord. I think even if he should die, his last words will be, "Thank you, Lord." He knows that he is totally safe in the mighty hand of God, even if there are so many against him, even if people still talk so bad about him.
So we want to keep it well: Thank you, Lord! It may first be only a slight, meager Thank you, but the Holy Spirit will help us if we want it by heart. He will raise our head, so we can see the Lord again. He will give us a thousand reasons for gratitude. And at the end we will sing: My situation is not so good, but the Lord has so often helped and He will help this time. He has the power, His rights is already charged to help. And even if I should die, shall be my last word be, "Thank you, Jesus." For he has me firmly in his hand.
Thank you, Jesus !!!! Yes, that should be my motto today and always: Thank you! You have done so much for me, why should I bother with lament and complaint? Why should I end in bitterness and self-pity? It’s so much better to go along with you! Yes, Jesus, thank you with all my heart !!!

Bible Reading Today: John 4: 1 – 26

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