The River of Life – 2016.09.26

The River of Life – 2016.09.26

The man brought me back to the entrance to the temple, and I saw water coming out from under the threshold of the temple …
Ezekiel 47:1

The vision about the water coming out of the temple was one of many visions Ezekiel had. The water from the temple became a large river. Where the river past everything became healthy, there where a lot of fish, and the riverside was covered with trees that carried always fruit. This river brought life.
At first the water wasn’t even ankle-deep, but when Ezekiel went further the water was already knee-deep, and a little further the water reached his hips until it became so deep that he had to swim.
In Palanga at the beach it was similar. Most people stood ankle-deep in water, others only tested the temperature using their toes, while only a few went in so deep that they could swim and dive. Those that went the furthest enjoyed themselves the most.
Spiritually it’s the same: some try the faith and carefully use their toes to test the water, others stop in ankle-deep water, and just a few try to swim and dive into the river of life.
We shouldn’t be satisfied with just a little bit. Instead we should dive into the river of life, the water of mercy! The water should soak us and our life thoroughly!
The river of life is here. God keeps it ready for us. If we take a little from it or swim in it is our decision.
Little faith is our biggest obstacle. We don’t trust god all that much. He can take care of the universe but we don’t trust Him with the little things of our daily life.
The river of life brings mercy and healing. Yes, I want this water of life in my heart! It shall refresh me, heal me, give me strength, and bring me fruit! It shall run from my heart like from a spring and wet everything around me! Yes, I want to be a spring for His river of life so others can drink from it and experience the mercy of the Lord.
Thank You heavenly Father, for You gave me the water of life! Yes, I want to swim in Your mercy so my heart can heal. Yes, refresh my body and my soul with Your water of life! I am here, fill me completely!

Bible reading today: John 6:60-71

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