The Salvation – 2020.08.01

The Salvation – 2020.08.01

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.
John 3, 16

God did everything to save us. What would we have to do for that? We are limited people who, despite good will, constantly fail and even fall into sin. Why did God love us only so much that He gave His only Son for us, had Him hanged on the cross, had Him tortured and even let Him die? (In the story of Narnia, this is beautifully portrayed as the lion Aslan dies and comes back to life for his friends). HE sees in us His creation, but not mixed and permeated by sin. HE sees us pure, holy and clear. HE knows what we are like when we will be with Him in heaven. He created us as His counterpart, and He has loved us without limit since the beginning of creation. Love is His essence, He cannot help but love and love and love. He still loves even the worst person!
Because there was no way to salvation, He sent Jesus, His only Son. He took upon Himself the whole guilt of all people, including mine and yours. Jesus paid the price for sin, for death is the punishment for it. Now we are free, the debt is paid. We are free to accept Jesus into our hearts and lives as a LORD. We are free from the rights of darkness and can live in the light. We are free for our calling: to be in the presence of God. We are free for this or we go further on the way to ruin, without God, without Jesus, without accepting forgiveness……. badly.
Who has Jesus in his heart will never perish. He has eternal life, Jesus, in him. No one can really do you any harm, because Jesus in you prevents it. Death and the devil cannot overcome Jesus in you. You are saved for today, tomorrow and all time. Jesus is our salvation. We want to believe Him. Not only for forgiveness and cleansing from guilt, but for every little thing that oppresses us. He is the helper, the friend, the support, the Good Shepherd. We want to believe only in Jesus, not in other gods or goddesses, not in other intercessors with God, not in other ways of sanctification, not in secret recipes and hidden wisdom. Everything is in Jesus. HE is enough.

Thank ​Y​ou, Father in heaven, for sending us Jesus! So we have a way out of failure, sin, impurity, sickness, darkness and death. HE is the friend of sinners, He saves us! Thank ​Y​ou for eternal life, that we never get lost and our life does not end in the abyss. Thank ​Y​ou!!!

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