The Sin – 2015.11.12

The Sin – 2015.11.12

Then the Lord said to Cain​:​

“Why are you angry? Why is your face downcast? If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it.”
Genesis 4, 6f.

Sin is sometimes described in the Bible as a living thing, like a demon who wants to devour us. And really, this snake creeps through our lives and looks for places where it can be bogged down. But do not worry! Jesus has defeated it, and with Him we are the master of it.
There are the rough active sins: theft, murder, cheating, slander and lies. And there are the subtle sins in our flesh: pride, rebellion and opposition to God, greed and selfishness in any form. The snake is trying to lure us away from God by sending false thoughts into our head: Did God really say, that … And we very slowly start to listen to them. A quick glimpse at wrong movies and pictures, a tiny bit not sticking to the truth … and then we begin to defend ourselves before God. It was not so bad! Others do the same thing! – But already it has happened: We are fallen out of grace and find ourselves under the law again. The law condemns us, grace however will forgive, liberate and heal. And if I justify myself before God, where am I? Certainly not in His grace.
From the beginning, God has put enmity between his descendants and the descendants of the serpent. She will bruise his heel with their fangs, but Jesus will crush it’s head (chap. 3, 15).
Our victory is alone in the Lord Jesus. He crushes the serpent’s head, also in our lives. He cleans the wound from the poison of sin, sets free and heals. Only very closely connected with Him, are we Lord over sin, that old serpent, which wants to poison our lives.
And if we have fallen back to it’s enticements and temptations? Then let’s not start to argue with God, but go quickly to Jesus: Forgive me, Lord! – And start again with him.
Did he cleansed us, we can happily and easily raise our eyes and joyfully sing: He is the Lord, He is my Lord! He redeemed me, set me free, healed and saved me! I belong to Him, I am His child, I am pure! I will follow Him and will not listen to the snake that wants to poison my life!
Thank you, Jesus, in you is life and joy and peace and love and forgiveness and so much more! Thank you, that you have a crushed the serpent’s head, and you now rule over me! With you I have life and not poison; I want to hang on to you and stand together with you the fight.
Bible Reading Today: Proverbs 25: 1 – 28

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