The small flock  –  2019.11.17

The small flock  –  2019.11.17

Jesus says about His little flock:
They shall never perish,
no one will snatch them out of My hand.
John 10:28

Jesus likes to compare His disciples with a flock of sheeps. The Israelites knew much about sheeps at that time, lived with them and handled them well. They were much aware of what a good shepherd is, what set them apart from a normal wage laborer. They knew all the dangers to which the sheeps were exposed and were ready and able to protect them. So they understood what Jesus was talking about.
Ezekiel 35 wonderfully describes how God sees His small flock in this world. You definitely should read it.
We often fear to be left alone. We are getting older, good friends are dying. Our children are working far away,in foreign countries. Nobody is there with whom we can talk. In addition the social situation, we live in, does not make life easy for us. You have just enough not to starve to death. Bad news everywhere, accidents around us. There is a hidden fear deep in us. But Jesus wants to pull us out of that darkness into his small flock. There we are at home, safe, accepted, and protected. He cares for us, He is Lord! As He loves us so we also should love each other which often is not the case. Therefore we always should look at Jesus and trust Him. He died for us, gave His life for us on the cross, so that we can live and are free!
Yes, my dears, you are precious, worthy as Jesus. He will never admit it, that anybody snatch you out of His strong hands. And if it is you who negligently forget the protecting hands of Jesus, run without Him, then He will seek you to bring you back to the safety of His strong hands so you do not perish. There is nothing, even not the death, which can separate you from Him, from His love and His life. He is our Lord, our good shepherd!

Thank You, Jesus, that You care for me so much. You freed me from captivity and are always at my side. You see everything, are my Lord, my good Shepherd, to whom I belong.

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