The spirit gives certainty  –  2020.09.18

The spirit gives certainty  –  2020.09.18

The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are of God’s children.
Romans 8, 16

This whole of Romans 8 deals with the Holy Spirit and His guidance. I find it so good that HE makes it clear to us and testifies that we are children of God. On my own I find it hard to believe, but He helps me to believe it. The same with the forgiveness of all my sins. He helps me to believe and to rejoice in it. On my own I would have constant doubts. HE causes the longing for God in me; on my own I would perhaps never even think of seeking God. HE works in me, dwells in my body and puts everything in order that is in disorder. That means health. I still have much, much to learn!
HE reminds me (in John 14, 26 Jesus calls Him the Reminder ) when I forget or misplace something and have to search for it. HE protects me in traffic and elsewhere. HE is worried about me all around. Glorious to live with Him!
And yet there are so many reservations about the Holy Spirit. Maybe we have had bad experiences with people who talk about Him? Or has the enemy mobilised theology against the work of the Holy Spirit? HE is the source of the power of the gospel, and the enemy fears that.
The Holy Spirit has become my friend. It is good to be in His company.. In my thoughts we talk. HE gives me impulses and I have to learn to distinguish between my thoughts, His and others; – not always easy. HE leads me on wonderful ways.
HE testifies to me the truths of the Bible. And I can believe it, for me personally. I can really call God Father now, thanks to His help. HE shows me the Father very clearly, so that I always recognise new characteristics that astonish me. His task is to glorify Jesus; – He Himself does not desire praise.
When I pray for a cause, I often notice what God wants and can pray for it concretely. And when the victory is there, joy comes up. So the Holy Spirit testifies to my spirit. This way I can pray more “effectively” for others or causes. It takes time and energy, but the result is worth it. To pray with Him is an adventure, it never gets boring.

Thank You Jesus, You send us the Holy Spirit! Without Him we could hardly believe. Thank You that He testifies the truth in us, so that we can believe You joyfully! Yes, where the Spirit of the Lord is at work, there is freedom! Thank You!

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