The Stockpot – 2016.06.02

The Stockpot – 2016.06.02

For he himself is our peace, who has made the two groups (Jews and Gentiles) one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility.
Ephesians 2, 14

This section is about the enmity between the Jews and the Gentiles. Jesus came and died on the cross for all sins, the Jews and the Gentiles. He tore down the wall of hostility thereby. Because both now have access to the grace of God, and both are united as Jesus’ body, the church of Christ. He is our peace!
Often the church is compared to a body. One is a hand, one a foot; one is an arm, another leg. One is the eye, another ear. No one comes without another, – or could an eye exist on their own?
But Jesus’ greatest sorrow there is constant controversy in His Body. One feels better than the other, one injured the other, one uses another, one is cheating the others … How is that good?
Jesus has given us a prescription for these struggles: forgiveness. Without forgiveness hardened our hearts. He advises us strongly: Forgive the one who hurt you! Then He can heal our hearts. Only when we let go of that sin and injury, He accepts it and heals the pain and memories. Only with Him can encounter lovingly the difficulties with fellow Christians.
We ourselves were not always so good with others as Jesus wants. But He has forgiven us. How could we now not forgive others?
Only through forgiveness, it is possible that in the municipality of Jesus, love grows and He feels at home there. The more forgiveness, the more presence of God, the more power and joy of God, the more love, grace, mercy, warmth and fellowship!
I saw in thought a large stockpot. In the soup floated all sorts of sins, large and small. Everyone fished out only the very small pieces of sin and felt it was their sin. The Lord said: A little sin, little forgiveness and little strength, joy, hope and love. I looked at the sin pieces in the soup.  A great piece swam by, it said: pride, and I realized that was mine! And yet another large piece: greed. O, another one for me! And so it went on and on. My sin plate was always full and full … and the others had only quite small pieces. I was dying of shame, but the Lord said: That’s it. Now you know great forgiveness. And now you’re going, have a lot more patience, compassion, faith and forgiveness for your brothers and sisters!

Thank You, Jesus, for Your forgiveness! How good that You forgive me my failures! How bad would it be if You could always remember. Yes, Lord, I will forgive their iniquity, the other children of God, because You forgive me and them. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit who heals my hurts and makes me capable of mercy and patience!

Bible Reading Today: 1 Timothy 6: 1 – 21

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