The stronger one  –  2020.05.26

The stronger one  –  2020.05.26

The stronger one Can plunder be taken from warriors or captives be rescued from the fierce?
Isaiah 49, 24

Yes, it’s possible! Since Jesus built a way to Heaven, you can become free! HE has paved the way to freedom, – also for you and me! How wonderful!
Jesus is stronger than the strong, He is more powerful than the mighty.
Sometimes it seems to us as if evil triumphs, and as if it overshadows the good everywhere, dragging it down in the mud. When I read the news, very dark clouds appear, it seems to me. And there is almost no good news, no good tendencies, no real hope. Everything seems to be on a “downhill slide”.
That’s when it’s important for us to hold on to our faith. We have to really embrace it and proclaim Jesus’ victory, also over our own lives. He is not deaf, but very, very close. He wants to help, wants to comfort, give strength and protect us.
That is why we need to pray more intensely, read His Word with more earnest and not let ourselves be robbed of our faith.
Today we received the news that over a hundred people were infected during a service 14 days ago. As Christians, we are not immune to the attacks of the enemy! But we have Jesus who brings us through everything. When the enemy shoots at us, we can protect ourselves with His blood. HE is the strongest, stronger than a virus, stronger than any addiction, stronger than death.
During this time our faith is tested and we must train to become stronger. It is getting serious slowly (or quite fast). A lukewarm faith will not survive the time. Covid is just the beginning, a little bit of training to prepare us.
Where does my heart beat? Am I firmly rooted in Him? Am I one with Him? – He is the Savior and the Redeemer, who gets me through all difficulties. Hallelujah!!

Thank You Jesus, You are here! You are with me all the way. With You I find protection, comfort, new strength, hope and peace. Oh Lord, it’s so good to be safe with ​Y​ou!

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