The things God is hatching  –  2020.09.01

The things God is hatching  –  2020.09.01

In the beginning, God created the heavens and earth.  Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.
Genesis 1, 1f.

It is interesting that already in verse 2 of the Bible there is talk about God’s Spirit; – and still there are people who want to hear nothing about Him. In the 1st verse there is talk about God, how He made heaven and earth. But already in verse 2 we read about  the Holy Spirit, as He hovered over the waters of the flood and pondered what one could make of them.
The word “hovering” has similar meaning to brooding, like the brooding of hens on their eggs. To hatch them, they have to sit on them and wait , perhaps have a look see at times to see if anything’s happening……. This is how the Holy Spirit “incubated” creation. HE floated over it, HE hovered over it, brooded, and then He began to create, to make order and to bring new things into being, which had never existed before.
In a similar way, the Holy Spirit hovers over our lives. What can one make of it? What does one wish to incubate? HE hovers above us, does not stop “brooding” until it is hatched.
Hatching is dependent on the temperature during incubation. Some people are cold and insensitive to the Spirit of God. Some are heated and explain everything very differently and chase after every wind. HE is waiting for the right moment when He may begin His work. HE is waiting for our acceptance, our approval.
Just as He did then, He wants to hatch something wonderful. At that time it was creation, and today it is a new man. He too is a new creation in Jesus Christ.
HE had much, much hope and many ideas at that time. So it is with us today: HE has a plethora of good ideas how we can be useful for God, how He can shape us, how He can take shape in us and how He wants to change the earth through us. HE has wonderful goals with you.

Thank You Jesus, You give us the Holy Spirit, who shall guide us on Your ways. Thank You, He changes us in Your image. Thank You, HE has good ideas for me. Thank You, that He dwells in me!

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