The Throne of Favor – 2015.06.01

The Throne of Favor – 2015.06.01

Finally, let’s draw near to the throne of favor with confidence so that we can receive mercy and find grace when we need help.
Hebrews 4:16

When I got up this morning, I was still quite tired and sleepy. I began to pray, but I realized that it was not really serious me. There the question came up, how do we actually get to the throne of God? What do we expect? Why do we come? What do we offer?
The Bible says here: "Come full of confidence". And in verse 10:22 it goes on: "Therefore, let’s draw near with a genuine heart with the certainty that our faith gives us, since our hearts are sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies are washed with pure water. Let’s hold on to the confession of our hope without wavering, because the one who made the promises is reliable."
You cannot stand before God with a bad conscience. And without confidence and hope neither. Doubt, small faith and unbelief also hinder our prayers. And if we hold on to sin, we need not even go to God.
Therefore it is good if we first clean us from every sin and accept the forgiveness through Jesus and thank Him. And then we ask that God gives us His Spirit, the Spirit of wisdom, of mercy, of faith, confidence and hope. With me it is a silent prayer – I let myself clean, empty of false thoughts and things and let myself fill with the spirit. Then I have the belief and the conviction that God hears me. Then confidence grows in me that God protects me now, holding His strong hand over me. He will now do His work through me; and I want to go on His ways. Then I begin to pray for my people, and I know that the Lord blesses them. A prayer with this confidence is a powerful prayer!
Sometimes there are disputes with people or big problems occur. Then this confidence, that God gives in prayer, is a great help. Then He will really become my living hope, because I can rely on Him; – He will enforce His Word and His Will.

Thank you, Jesus, for the confidence that You give! Again You give me hope and believe in my heart that You are and remain the Lord. You are the foundation of my life, on which I build on. Thanks, You are there, very close to me and Your grace and mercy lays on my life. Where is a God as wonderful as You??

Bible reading today: Lukas 4, 1 – 15

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