The Tower of Babel  –  2019.09.21

The Tower of Babel  –  2019.09.21

And the Lord said, Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language, and this is only the beginningof what they will do. And nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them.
1. Moses 11, 6

After the Flood, the descendants of Noah multiplied greatly. But instead of taking possession of the whole earth, they wanted to stay together and gather their power. They wanted to build a tower to have one thing in common, reaching up to heaven, and look down on God from above. Then the LORD looked at what they were doing and said the verse above. Then He confused their language and no one understood the other; – that is how it has remained to this day. Then the building of the tower, this flight of human pride, came to an end.
But today there is a new people speaking with one language. One people, united, purposeful and with one language. They want to achieve everything and nothing will remain impossible for them. – We are talking about Christians; God sees them as His people.
This language is not German or Lithuanian, Russian or Chinese. It is the language of the heart. Only this language is understood everywhere.
We are united when we can forget the disputes about theological subtleties and let each other stand together with our traditions. – God is judge, not us.
We are determined, because Jesus and heaven are our goal! For Him we give our best, we give everything!
We can achieve everything if we are only united. When we stand together in prayer and stand up for our church, our city and our country, God will hear.
Unfortunately, there is a great lack of unity, because we are not united. There are leading Christians who have the talent to lead, but they have no humility. They want to lead, they want to be leaders. That is why they have to fight for their place and there is no humility.
With Jesus the master must be the servant. He must always sit in the last place, not in the place of honour. Only such a person can be used as a leader in the kingdom of God.
Ah, let us pray for humility! And for forgiveness because of our proud hearts! Let us seek reconciliation with our brothers and sisters! We want their best and never gloat! We help and serve them and pray for them!

Lord help us to get unity! Give us humility!

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