The tricks of the enemy –  2019.09.15

The tricks of the enemy –  2019.09.15

Jesus says:
The thieve comes only to steal and kill and destroy;
I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.
John 10:10

Heaven and hell clash here, the biggest opposites one can imagine. There is the deceiver, liar, the crook, robber and murderer on the one side, and on the other side the Light, the Source of Life, the Son of the living God, the Savior: Jesus!
Not man is our enemy, even if he does evil but the devil, the origine of all evil. Once having been the angel of light he is now the father of all lies who is able to camouflage and hide himself well, to seduce, confuse, twisting the truth perfectly. He is the wolf in sheep`s clothing pretending innocence and harmlessness. He seduces with earthly passions and lusts to rob heavenly treasures as peace and joy. He is a murderer who likes to cause heavy quarrels between humans and enjoys manslaughter. He is a cheater: as former angel of light he knows the Bible words but misuses them to keep us away from Jesus. As a permanent accuser he sows hostility, useless disputes in the Christian community. Yes, he really knows all tricks to keep us away from Jesus and our mission.
The fight against him is truly real. Jesus wants to help us, wants to give us knowledge how we can defend and protect ourselves. Above all, the common prayer in the Holy Spirit and the intercession are the effective weapons and shields of the saints who thereby save pure life against sin and uncleanness.
For several months I suffered tiredness which became more and more intense. For hours I just sat there, had no energy to do something. It was really threatening in the end. I dye if this continues! It must be over! So I cried and turned to Jesus asked for help in tears sometimes. Brothers and sisters specifically had prayed for it. I am so thankful to them.
In that situation a book of Corrie ten Boom came into my hands reporting about the same lack of energy and tiredness. As she did,  I immediately commanded that all fatigue and dullness disappear in the name of Jesus and thanked Him for deliverance. The enemy tried it again of course. But now I was aware of these evil attacks and did not allow the weariness to come. I proclaimed: No, in the name of Jesus I am not tired!
That was long ago. Today I may say that this lack of energy, dullness, lameness, lethargy, this sitting around has gone. I am so grateful!. Yes, Jesus has come that I may have life, life to the full!

Thank You, Jesus! You free me from everything!  You have overcome all attacks of the enemy. I am safe in Your strong hands. Your name is holy and powerful! Thank You!

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