The truth  –  2019.10.19

The truth  –  2019.10.19

Jesus said to him, I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one come to the father except through me.
John 14,6

Philip says to Jesus: “Lord, show us the Father! – and Jesus replies: I have been with you so long, and you have not known me, Philip?
He is the answer to the question about God!
He is the truth!
In the West we are very much influenced by natural science, by logical thinking, and that is a good thing. But the consequence is that we also want to understand God in this way; – and that is not possible. He is not a fixed truth in the form of dogmas and doctrines, but a living truth in one person.
I had great difficulty in understanding that.
I would like clear instructions for everything, so and so it is and done. For example, the tithe. The churches have made a very strong teaching out of it (perhaps for their own benefit?) And Jesus says: God loves a cheerful giver. He does not commit himself, but always wants to be asked. And then it is decided in prayer, i.e. in conversation, how much will be given to the church and whether another mission work will get something, or whether perhaps nothing will be given because the debts are pressing. Jesus is flexible and our beloved dogmas are not.
The truth is not so today and different tomorrow. Morality has a constant change. What is modern and normal today was abnormal and morbid 50 years ago – and who is right? How will our children judge our morals? They will have a different one because the fashion continues. (Morality has nothing to do with science, you want to prove what you like).
Jesus lives. And He always has the right answer for us, because He lives in us. That’s why we don’t want to commit ourselves so much and leave other points of view behind. We do not want to quarrel and shed blood about opinions as in the Middle Ages. We also do not want to be infected by the absolutism of the ruling opinions: And if you do not want to be my opinion, then I will smash your skull in. – No, we want to stay in conversation with Jesus and hold our opinion calmly and objectively, and let the others do what they think is right (even if it hurts us spiritually). How good it is that Jesus is life!

Thank ​Y​ou Jesus, ​Y​ou are the liberation from the heavy, deadly law that I could never keep anyway. You are life and I live with ​Y​ou!

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