The truth will set you free

The truth will set you free

…. and the truth will set you free.
John 8,32

In a cell sat a man, who was tied at his chair. Of course, this man surely wasn’t free. In a second cell another man sat on his chair. The chains were broken and laid on the floor next to him and the door wasn’t closed. But apparently he had not realized it. He sat there as if he were still tied. Hard question: Was he free or captured? There was also a third cell with a chair, the chains were on the ground and the door was open and the man was gone. Clear! This man really was set free.
The truth will set us free! From all that prevents us from being foot loose and fancy-free and from all that oppresses us. Jesus Himself is the truth, not an elaborated system of doctrines and dogmas. Therefore, and because He loves us, He has redeemed us, ransomed and freed us when we accepted Him as Lord in our life. The chains are broken, the doors to liberty opened! Sometimes it takes some time until we understand it. We have become so accustomed to our chair or couch that we don’t want to get up anymore. And then it becomes a risk to go through that door. Who knows what is waiting there? It’s just possible when we tightly cling to Him and walk together with Him. Step by step we get the new freedom. There is much that can oppress a child of God. But Jesus wants to free us from all, step by step. He wants to bring our life into blossom.
Maybe we are at a wrong place, for which we are not made for. Perhaps it is a job or a participation in our community for what we don’t have the right skills. We see it as a tedious duty, but don’t feel any satisfaction or joy. But we can trust that He leads us to the right way. Maybe we need some patience, but He will manage it! For He is the truth that sets us free!

Thank You, Jesus, You are my redeemer! You take my hand and we can run together! You bring my life to blossom, because you have a wonderful way for me! Yes, I trust You!

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