The watchmen on the walls – 2017.03.11

The watchmen on the walls – 2017.03.11

I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem;
they will never be silent day or night.
You who call on the Lord,
give yourselves no rest

Isaiah 62, 6
These watchmen on the walls are the worshipers. They fight for Jerusalem! They take care that no enemy can harm Jerusalem. You remind the Lord of His city and pray down His protection and blessing. What is more important, than this guard duty?
One may argue about the politics of Israel – it’s not “divine” or Christian politics, but just human. Israel is not yet redeemed and ruled by the Lord, still there are people ruling there who are not ruled by God. Nevertheless, God blesses His people with many blessings! How generous, patient and kind is our God!
Also to stand guard on the walls of our communities and families. They should remind God of His new nation, the Jesus people. Yes, we are God’s people! And we need this guard service just like Jerusalem and Israel! All who believe in Jesus, are the sons of Abraham, God’s people. HE wants both, Jews and Christians, make a unit, a flock, His people.
God respects this guard service very highly and likes to listen to their voice. You remember the Lord day and night in His Word and His promises. Implore the divine blessings in Jerusalem, Israel, the Church of Jesus and the families.
Our family needs this prayer! Since I first asked the “head” and I’m doing this service for those who are entrusted to me. What could be more powerful than the protection prayer for our children? How many blessings will be lost if we cannot fold our hands for our people! When strife and jealousy paralyze our prayer!
The watchmen on the walls do not think of themselves. You may get sick, weak and suffering. But in prayer they fight for others, not thinking of himself. But God thinks of them, and they rely on it. Yes, God blesses these people in the guard service very much!
Our life often turns to 95 percent just to ourselves. But the 5 percent we want to effectively use and seeking blessings for others of God. Not only for ourselves, but just for others. God has called us to prayer. Give God the tithe of your time, and offer Him your prayer, your thoughts, your energy, your compassion, your praise, thanks and your strength!

Thank You Jesus, You have watchmen over the walls! Thank you for those who pray for me. They were a wall around us against all attacks of the enemy. Thank You for your blessing for this service! I want to stand on the walls and pray for your flock. Please, bless Jerusalem, Israel, bless the church of Jesus and bless my children.

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