The Way of Life – 2014.10.05

How can a young person keep his life pure?
He can do it by holding on to your word.
I wholeheartedly searched for you.
Do not let me wander away from your commandments.
I have treasured your promise in my heart
so that I may not sin against you.
Psalms 119:9-11
How can you go your way without errors, detours and aberrations? How can you reach the goal of your life without getting entangled in sin, sorrow and discouragement? The question is not only important for young people who search a way and a place in their life, but also for older ones. Because they also do not want to waste their last years, but to make good use of it.
How can you walk on the ways of the Lord, when you do not know His Word? And how can we understand His Word and commandment properly if you do not know Him? Only through the relationship with Him you will get the right, liberating understanding of His commandments. Otherwise, there are again people who stubbornly hold to the letter of the law, but do not know the life-giving of the commandments.
His word should be in our hearts, and we want to think about it and move it in our heart. The Spirit of God will make us understand and remember us in relevant situations. He is the life-giving power of God.
If we know Him and let Him take us in possession, our life will succeed. Even when we are older, the last years will be "full of fruit". And if we know Him at an early age and follow Him, many, many wrong turns and sins will be spared.
We do not want to be envious about other people, who apparently succeed in everything and merrily sin against God. It is not that we’d miss something or to come of badly. Jesus can do much more for us than these people will ever get to know.
Thank you, Jesus, with You my life is safe. There was a lot of detours, aberrations and sins, but You have forgiven and forget. Now You put Your blessing on me so my life can be a blessing or others. Thank you for taking care of everything! Let me go firmly on Your ways and remain steady in Your hand.

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