The way of life – 2014.12.31

"Unless the Lord builds the house,
its builders labor in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city,
the watchman stand guard in vain.
In vain you rise early
and stay up late,
toiling for food to eat –
for He grants sleep to those he loves."
Psalm: 127:1-2
Indeed, we try to do our best, work hard but are often doing more than one can bear, are exhausted and worn out. And what we did achieve? What are our goals? Are they precious enough to give one`s life for them?
Sure, we have to work for our daily bread , for our clothing, for our shelter. But even if people are having that all, many of them still continue working like mad.
Let me compare my life with a road. There were many dead-ends. Quite a lot of efforts I invested in matters before realizing that it was in vain. Many detours I had to go, did not always come straight to the point. Many of the wrong ways I better should have not gone. Often I got into trouble when I did not consider or follow the word of the Lord. Sometimes I did not trust God, did not obey Him and preferred to go my own way.
This morning I was meditating about this subject. The Lord reminds me suddenly of the fact, that the embroidery of a table-cloth is looking beautiful from above but chaotic are the threads on the side below. He is always seeing the front side but myself am often looking at the reverse side only. Or you could compare it with a road navigation system. Only a small part of the road can be seen on the screen while the Lord always has a general view over the entire distance. I often have to drive on many time consuming winding roads before reaching the top of a mountain, or have to go vast roundabout ways before reaching my friends.
Inspite of my stubbornness and unbelief the Lord is guiding me safely. He knew me before He called and has chosen me. He knew what kind of person I was. And He had said yes: You are my child and I am your Father. Certainly you are making mistakes and will fail sometimes. However I am watching you and will help you to achieve the goal. Thus I may look back with joy at the end of this year. From my point of view not everything went well but from His side it was a good and successfull year only due to His grace.
Thank you father for guiding me to my goal. I fully trust you. I faithfully put my life into your hands for the year of 2015. You are so patient, so strong, so loyal and kind. You blessed me, you always had been good to me. Thank you Father!

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