The will of man  –  2020.02.28

The will of man  –  2020.02.28

The LORD said (to Cain): What have you done? Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.
Genesis 4:10

Cain was so jealous of Abel that he killed him. God had previously warned him, but he refused to listen. Why did God not intervene and protect Abel? Why did Cain have the right to do whatever he wanted and kill his brother?
These are great mysteries to us. Why? God had the power to stop Cain! But He permitted it. HE saw it coming, warned Cain, and yet it happened.
Today, many spouses are abandoned. They pray and pray that their husband or wife will return. But nothing happens. Is God deaf?
We see children, always up to no good. And the bigger they get, the bigger the trouble gets. Why doesn’t God answer the parents’ prayers?
We have already experienced so many answers to prayer, we have seen so many miracles; – but sometimes God seems to be absolutely deaf. Does He not see how much I torture myself?
The point is that we cannot impose our will on others, not even through prayer. That borders on magic and sorcery, because you are trying to gain control over other people, and there are incantations. The prayer of some Christians appears to be similar. But God does not want us to impose our will on others through prayer. His commandment is: Every person has free will. So He allowed Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, although it hurt Him very much. HE allowed Cain to kill Abel. He allowed the Egyptians to enslave and beat the Israelites. He allowed Jesus to be killed on the cross. He allowed the gas chambers under Hitler. He allowed the regime in China, North Korea, Persia and Syria, although they persecuted, tortured and killed the Christians.
He is not insensitive, but feels the same as any father whose child is tortured. And yet He leaves the torturers their will; but He stands by His child as He did by Stephen. We have no right to change God’s mind through our prayers and formulas, rituals, fasting and incantations.
But we may know: He hears prayer. He takes care of the guilty. His grace becomes active and can work miracles. But He always considers the decisions of a person.

Thank You, Jesus! With You I am safe in all suffering. Yes, people have done evil to me, but You have made amends. Your comfort refreshes my soul. I can forgive and pray for those who have done me wrong. I no longer need human justice. I have enough of Your love, more than enough. Thank You, You never let me down!

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