The Word of God – 2019.06.22

The Word of God – 2019.06.22

Is not my word like fire, declares the Lord, and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?
Jeremiah 23, 29

What the Lord commands will happen. This can be seen in creation. He commanded: Let there be light! – and it became light. His word is alive and powerful. At the command of Jesus the storm and the sea calmed down. The lepers were healed, the dead stood up again, one could walk on the water …. There is so much that Jesus brought about through His Word! Yes, His Word is like fire burning in us, like a hammer shattering rocks!
How often has a word of the Lord hit us during a sermon or in praise or while reading the Bible and never let go? How often has HE spoken through prophets in certain situations. He does not remain silent, but answers when we ask and seek. Only when we discuss everything away does He no longer need to talk.
There is another effect of the word. That is like water. Water polishes a rock. Then it becomes round and the sharp edges become smooth. That’s how it is in the mountain streams. This is how God’s word works in us: slowly and steadily. It transforms us. It is not only the highlights that give us a firm foundation, but the constant exposure to the Word of God, the constant reading of the Bible and listening to Him that transforms us into God’s image. As water smoothes a rock, so the Word of God smoothes our character until we are soft and without sharp edges.
Our hearts are sometimes hard and stingy and bitter and completely inaccessible. This can “crack” God’s Word. He alone can reach us where no man can go. He can soften a hardened heart, for He has access through His loving Word. He can heal the wounds that have led to such a hard heart. He is wonderful! We want to trust and trust Him more. We want to be faithful to Him and let His Word work on us ….. Let us read more in the Bible again, the Word of God!

Jesus, You are wonderful! Thank You, You speak through Your word, correct me and encourage me. I love Your Word!

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