The Word of God – 2020.08.27

The Word of God – 2020.08.27

In the beginning was the word,
and the word was with God,
and the Word was God.
Gospel of John 1, 1

Jesus Christ is this word, the living word. God’s word has the power to create heaven and earth from nothing. It can make you and me, just out of nothing. Jesus was with God in the beginning, He exists since eternities. And this Word, Jesus, was God.
It is a very warm, intimate, loving relationship between God-Father and God-Son. There is no jealousy, no tension, no malice. Somehow everything merges into each other, they are so closely connected; – we cannot distinguish or delimit them exactly.
Miles and miles of books on the mystery of the Trinity have been written by the wise men of the Churches, but – I believe – no one has understood it. It is probably divine, simply incomprehensible for us humans. In any case, it has nothing to do with esotericism, where everything is somehow one.
Jesus is the word. What He says, happens. Speak only one word, and my servant is healthy, – said the captain to Jesus when he prayed for the sick servant. Jesus often said only one word to the sick, and they were healthy. With His word He drove out the evil powers and set people free. On His word the fig tree withered away. In the Old Testament, we find many more examples where great things are happening at God’s command. It already begins in the story of creation: And God said, let there be light! – and there was light.
His word has tremendous power. Therefore, it can change us suddenly and fundamentally. After all, there are some problems in us and with us which we can no longer solve alone. But HE can speak a word, a word of power, and the problem is solved. That is why we trust Him, because He means well with us. We are God’s children, whom He loves very much.
Oh Lord, speak only one word, and Your servant is healthy!

You can change everything, Lord. That is why we believe You. We seek You and Your help in prayer and give ourselves completely to You. For You are the Holy, the Mighty, the One who rules. How good that You love me!

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