Those who love Him are like the sun – 2017.02.03

Those who love Him are like the sun – 2017.02.03

But may all who love you the like the sun when it rises in its strength.
Judges 5,31

Our sun is the Lord Jesus Christ.  He lights up our lives, warms our hearts, embracing our lives with His radiance, penetrating into the deepest depth of our being. He is our ray of hope.  How good when Jesus is able to enlighten us and our lives!
When we cling to Him and love Him, when we seek Him in prayers, in thought, in the Bible and in sermons, then His character begins to influence us.  When we put aside all the obstacles against His work and holiness, He is able to flood us and imprint us with His sign:  we will be like the sun that rises in his strength.
In Malachi 3,20 we read:  But for you who revere my name, the sun of justice will arise with healing in its rays. You will go out and frolic like well-fed calves.
Yes, the sun of justice,- that is my Lord Jesus,- comes, His wings bringing healing.  Joy spreads; peace and healing take place.  It is good when He is the sun!  And when we go somewhere, let us be the sun that rises after a long night.  Let us bring joy and hope, where there is despair and sorrow.  Where we go, let all experience joy when they see us, because we embody the sun of Jesus, His hope, His joy, His peace.  Let us spread that everywhere.
Let us not be sensitive to the attacks of others.  Or even fear someone merely saying one bad word against us.  Let us not be self-centred, but rather sensitive to the needs of others.  God takes care of us, and we take care of others;-  that is the way it should be.
That is why Jesus brings healing under His wings, so that our soul may heal and we start caring for our fellow man, not just about ourselves.  That only leads to bitterness, arrogance, isolation and loneliness.  Lord, save me from my feelings that tend to revolve only around me!
The joy Jesus gives knows no bounds.  Have you ever seen calves leaving their stall for the first time in spring?  Or the joy of little children alighting from Kindergarten after a long day of having to sit quietly?  So will it be for us when Jesus returns.  And in our congregations we are already given a taste of the joy.  It shall influence our environments, so that we may be the sun that rises in its might.
Lord, help me become like the sun.  Grant me Your peace and hope.  Grant me healing, justice and peace!  Help me accept Your healing so that my focus may turn from myself to others, without fear of being hurt.  Because You give the gift of healing and safety.  Jesus, I love You, my sun, my life, my hope and my everything!!!

Bible study for today:  Genesis 13

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