Those who plant with tears – 2015.10.20

Those who plant with tears – 2015.10.20

Let those who plant with tears
reap the harvest with joyful shouts.
Let those who go out,
crying and carrying their seed,
come home with joyful shouts,
carrying bales of grain!
Psalm 126:5f

There is a weeping and wailing and everything just revolves around the man himself. We call it self-pity, when it never comes to an end.
Sometimes we cry because we have to face a heavy burden. But God will comfort us and lift us up again. And sometimes we cry because we are ashamed because of our sins and mistakes. But God wants to forgive and does not want us to worry and struggle.
Today we want to talk about another type of crying. Jesus wept over Jerusalem: How often would I have gathered your children together, as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, but you did not want it. He sees the misfortune coming and weeps about the people who reject Him, the Savior. It is a burden for Him.
We often have a burden for others. Perhaps for the children, parents, relatives, neighbors, friends, colleagues, our city, our country or for other peoples and countries. God Himself puts them on our hearts and wants us to stand up for these people.
When I imagine that Jesus might come back tomorrow and the world is passing away, then I pray all the more urgent for the people God has laid on my heart, so that they will not get lost. God has promised to hear my prayer. When I think of the people who do not know Jesus yet, a deep sadness comes over me. As they are lost forever! I constantly remember Jesus of them. I do not know His ways with those people and do not know how He wants to save them, but I know that He is not inactive. He knows the right way and knows the correct time. I am sure that He hears my prayer!
My tears and my sadness for others will bear fruit. It is not in vain! And then I will cheer!

Thank you, Jesus, that You make my heart glad! Yes, I have a burden for my mates and relatives, but You will help me to carry it. You promised to hear my prayer – I can surely rely on it. Your word makes me happy!
Bible reading today: Proverbs 8, 1 – 36

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