Thus far the Lord has helped us!  –  2020.01.01

Thus far the Lord has helped us!  –  2020.01.01

Then Samuel took a stone and set it up…
He named it Ebenezer, saying:
Thus far the Lord has helped us.
1. Samuel 7:12

At the end of the year I always have a review. This time I can say: Thus far the Lord has helped me! How good God is to us! He helped me and my family out of everything, saved us so that we lacked nothing. Thank You, Lord, You are merciful! You are kind, gracious, compassionate and patient!
Sure, there had been difficulties.But You gave us solutions. We got older but grew more closer to You and heaven. We are full of confidence and courage as You are Lord of all, our No 1. Nothing is overlooked by You. The last word is with you!
Gabriel, my son, is doing well. You all know that he had an accident with severe head injuries 1 1/2 year ago. Blood flowed into his brain, very life-threatening. 4 days long the doctors prepared us for the worst. However, on the 5th day there was a slight improvement. But then they talked about epilepsy, even loss of consciousness that he may not recognize us again and other terrible things… However his condition improved! The devil wants to destroy but God turned it to be good. My son felt better every day. He recovered from week to week and every month. Now he goes to school again and learns well. I am so grateful. Each evening we pray together. God has done a miracle! Yes, the enemy wants to destroy us, take away our life. But Jesus, our King, is victorious! Praise Him!
I am grateful that I am also doing quite well – with certain restrictions. My joy, however, is that my boys grow up well, take up responsibility. I am happy when I see my prayer work growing which has so many readers in Lithuania and still may have more in other countries. I talked to readers on Facebook sometimes and we prayed together. The Lord does miracles and hear our prayers.
Seeing that all I am full of expectation for the next year. What kind of great things He will do? Nothing is impossible for Him!

Oh, thank You, Father in heaven, thus far You has helped me and You will continue to do it. I love ​Y​ou so! Thank You that You are with us and protect ​Y​our children. Your grace is perfect and fills our life. You are with us also next next year holding us firmly in Your loving hands.

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