Time given  –  2021.02.11

Time given  –  2021.02.11

Teach us to number our days!
Then we may gain a heart of wisdom.
Psalm 90, 12

In the meantime, I know many people whose lives the devil wanted to take away. They had bad accidents or illnesses that almost killed them. They were already facing death, but God saved them and let them live. HE thwarted the devil’s intention.
The devil is a liar and a murderer, as Jesus says in John 10.  But Jesus is the Good Shepherd, the Saviour who gives life.
The devil wants you to die and he has tried many times. But by the grace of Jesus you live.
To whom does your life belong?
You know, these days and years are given years, given by God to you even though you should be dead. Enjoy this time, it is given time! Be happy about every day, because it is a gift! Jesus has definite intentions for your life, that’s why you’re still here. Don’t waste your days! Your time is too precious, it is given or borrowed time.
He wants to take over your life. Then it will have meaning and purpose. Then you can say when you die: It was worth it, and Jesus can say: My servant, well done!
Yes, consecrate your life to Him anew. Then it will unfold its power and its full beauty.
I know some people who found their destiny only in old age. But in these last years of their lives they changed the world. Wonderful people!

Thank You, Jesus, for every day You give me! Lord, I don’t want to throw away my time chasing after my comforts and luxuries! There is only a short time left, help me to use it wisely! Thank You for this time that You have given me by grace!

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