To love Jesus!  –  2019.09.22

To love Jesus!  –  2019.09.22

We love because he first loved us.  
1 John 4:19

In many Bible translations it is said consistently: We want to love Him as He has loved us first. This confession involves much more than just loving God. It also includes love for one`s neigbour and for ourselves.
Today I read a lot about Christians in the Middle East, in Syria, and Iran. There are only few missioneries and only small Christian Communities. Despite local persecutions God calls His people over there. Sometimes Jesus speaks to them in dreams, has encounter with them through miracles, so that  they become believers, accepted Him as Saviour even if it costs them their life.
On their own this never would have been possible. Jesus loves us first! We were not in the least lovable, have not earned His love in any way. But God loved us so much that He sent us His only son to save us by dwelling in our heart. He bore our guilt, overcame death, broke the chains of the devil, gave us new life, the certainty of eternal peace by filling us with the Holy Spirit. Now His tangible love flows in our hearts. The same overwhelming love is poured out in the hearts of the Moslims. Despite deadly danger they can not but surrender to Him whatever it takes, prison, torture.
In Iran, the ancient Persia, there is even a revival. So many Muslims leave the Islam to turn to Jesus, the living Lord. In Syria they are fed up with the radical Islam of the IS. They do not want to follow such a cruel God who prescribes beheadings. They want Jesus who forgives, has mercy, and yet  is Lord of all Lords, powerful and glorious.
The persecuted Christians in the world pay a heavy price. And what about us? Did we pay the price? Do we love Him really? He has given everthing to us. He can not give us more. We, however, have sometimes problems to pay the tithing.
Be aware that Jesus always is ready to knock at the door of our heart to enter with His unlimited love. Ask the Holy Ghost for help, tell Him that you are not capable of loving Jesus without Him. He certainly will stand by you and fill you with power and love.

Yes, Lord! I love You above all. You are the source of my life! Fill me with the Holy Spirit who shows me Your love and makes me capable to love You. Lord, have mercy, forgive my weakness and inability to love You with all my heart and help me.

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