Today is a beautiful Day – 2016.11.22

Today is a beautiful Day – 2016.11.22

Nonetheless, the Lord is waiting to be merciful to you,
and will rise up to show you compassion.
Isaiah 30:18

Today is a beautiful day!! For He is there and He surrounds us. He is not angry with us because Jesus has paid our debt. Nothing stands between us and the holy God; – Except when I can not understand and believe it. But He is there and wants to surround us today with grace and mercy. He doesn’t leave His children alone, but wants to protect them, gift them and spoil them. He is the Father of love!
He is waiting for us and for opportunities to show His grace. Do we come to Him? Do we take some time for Him? Do we are always talk to Him? Do we wait for His answer and help when we ask? If we do so, we will experience His help.
God does not remain comfortably seated on the throne, when His children feel bad. He gets up, because it’s not regardless to Him. There are no charges if we ourselves are to blame for everything. He gets up and rushes to help. He wants to overwhelm us with His mercy.
Today is a beautiful day! We had snow some days ago. Everything was white. The garbage is covered, you can not see it. It is similar with the debt; – It is covered by the love of God and the blood of Jesus Christ. Yes, today God wants to be near to us with His grace and His mercy He has given us!

Thank you, Heavenly Father, You are gracious to me and have mercy over me. Even if I myself are to blame for my misfortune, You help anyway. And if others are guilty, You help more than ever. You forgive and help me to forgive myself and others. Yes, today You want to be close to me! Today is a day to rejoice! Thank You!!

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