Today is the day of grace! — 2015.11.02

Today is the day of grace! — 2015.11.02

Now is the time of God’s favor,
now is the day of salvation.
2Corinthians 6:2

Hallelujah, today is the day of grace! So God promised us through His word and so it will be. Today is the day of salvation! It is not a day of judgment today. Jesus died for us on the Cross. Now is the day of God’s favor. We can give Him all that is oppressing us. He is merciful today! We can ask Him for anything, He is full of grace today. How good that our King and Ruler is not moody. He never is angry with us, He never is denying Himself saying: He has no time for us today. Please come again tomorrow. He is not haphazard: the one He saves, the other He let perish. He is patient, forbearing, gently, friendly, and yet He is unlimited powerful, omnipresent, and always God!
Some days ago I remembered embarrassing things that have happened to me years ago. How stupid I was. Almost up today I felt ashamed for that. More and more images of bad memories plagued me. In this situation I had the following picture in my mind: Before the Cross there was a big pile and on to this pile I threw all my failures inclusive the bad memories. Now I am free of that. Hallelujah a day of grace! That made me so happy that I started to sing.
Yes, also today there is such a day of grace. Do not take it too easy and do not play with the sin, be accurate and do everything at once. No, it could be that tomorrow you are not living anymore. Do not miss the grace that God likes to give to you today. Today is the day of God’s favor with you.
And His will is to offer grace to people who owe me money, who offended me, who cheated and deceived me, who talked bad things about me, and gave me a hard life. I want to forgive them. I want to forgive them as Jesus forgives me. For today is the day of grace.
Today I will receive mercy on and on. He helps me when I sin, when I have debts, He helps me when I am working, when I talk to people, when I drive a car, when I wash the dishes. He is omnipresent and I may ask Him for anything and may do everything with Him together.
Thank you, Jesus – You are merciful! That I will enjoy to the full. I need not to struggle anymore; I only need to receive Your favor! How good You are to me!

Bible reading today – Romans 6: 15 – 23

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