Today is the time of grace – 2019.05.20

Today is the time of grace – 2019.05.20

Today, if you hear His voice,
do not harden your hearts!
Hebrews 4, 7

All the Israelites were supposed to enter the Holy Land from Egypt and take possession of it. But they could not because of their disbelief and the complaining. Their hearts were hardened, they could not trust God and died in the desert.
Today, when you hear His voice, when you realize He is speaking to you, when He is standing at the door of your heart and knocking, do not harden your heart! Today is the time of grace, today God wants to be gracious to you, today is today and not tomorrow. Who knows what tomorrow will be? Perhaps an accident will happen and that was it then. Maybe God doesn’t want to talk to you tomorrow anymore. Maybe tomorrow there will be so much other stress that you won’t have time for Him.
Today. Only today counts. If He is not important enough for you today, what should He think of you? Is His mercy so cheap? Does He then run after you and offer you His grace pleadingly?
Today is the day of decision: Let us listen to Him or once again adjourn everything; – then somehow we do not take Him seriously.
He stands at the door of your heart and wants to enter. He wants to clean our hearts of sin and filth, purify, lighten, fill in joy and bring peace. He wants to be king today, not tomorrow. Let Him in, ask Him to be your King! Ask for forgiveness for every wrongdoing that occurs to you; – today is a time of grace, today God forgives everything.
Today. It may be that God has wanted something from you for a long time, but you could not decide. If today His voice calls again, do not harden your heart, but follow Him. He has good intentions! Leave the responsibility to Him. Go and trust. He will do it well.

Thank You, Lord, for the grace today! Yes, You shall be my king, You shall purify my heart and rule there. And I will walk on Your ways. Forgive me, I did not try, but instead listened to my fears. But today I want to go and believe You. You are the LORD!

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