Under His Wings

Under His Wings

Jerusalem, Jerusalem! You kill the prophets and stone the messengers God has sent you! How many times I wanted to put my arms around all your people, just as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you would not let me!
Matthew 23, 37

Parents like to have all their children around them. If one is not there, they are restless. This is the normal love and concern of mothers and fathers. But when the children are grown, they should be released into the wild. Some mothers “tie” their children and do not want to let them go; and some young men stay with mom because the food is so good. But that is unhealthy! These young men are lazy! And many girls can not found a normal family because they do not separate from their parents. The Word of God says: A man shall leave his father and mother and cling to his wife and they will found their own family.
God is a good father. He educates his children to independence and freedom. He likes to be with them and takes them under his wings to protect them. But He doesn’t tie and gag His children. It is a happy and free together! And the beautiful thing is, when all the kids are there and celebrate happily together; – Then the heavenly father is there among them and pleased with them!
God calls His children. But many do not want. They resist the call of God. They make His heralds bad, make their life difficult or even pursue it. Or they discuss everything to death: “Well, should God really be there? Who knows! – Should God be interested in me? I see things differently. … “. Everything is put into perspective and discussed to death, so no one has to decide, so no one needs to say a clear yes or no. But Jesus sees her heart and says clearly: You do not want to. I would like to put them into my arms so much, sheltered under my wings, but they do not want.
But we want! We want to gather around Jesus, enjoy the security under His wings, and together celebrate the Lord! He is very kind to His children!

Thank You, Jesus, for loving Your kids! You gather them under Your strong wings and give security, peace and joy. You are a wonderful Lord who loves His children genuinely. Yes Lord, I belong to You and want to find safety, security and joy under Your wings. I want to be with You and stay with You!

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