Unlimited mercy – 20.06.2020

Unlimited mercy – 20.06.2020

If we are faithless, he remains faithful – for he cannot deny himself.
2. Timothy 2, 13

In some cases there are different interpretations of Bible verses and accordingly different opinions. Some quote this verse and interpret it logically, others have different verses and different interpretations on the subject. This is normal and human. After all, the Bible is not God, but the Word of God. And we human beings have to read it and think about what it means. But we always have to know that we are not God and do not have the absolutely right interpretation, otherwise God cannot correct us anymore.
In the Epistle to the Hebrews there are 2 short passages which say that if a person becomes unfaithful to Jesus and sins intentionally, he will be rejected. I have thought about this for a long time. I think it refers to people who have been healed by Jesus, who have been given gifts by Him, who have had good experiences with Him in praise, prayer and fellowship, and yet have not received Jesus into their hearts. They have not become children of God, although they have tasted His grace. They know that it is all true, but still turn away again.
There are so many Bible passages, like the one above, that say that we are in the Book of Life forever. God accepts us as children if we belong to Jesus. We may sometimes go astray and even deliberately sin, but we are still God’s children. We cannot de-child our children, that is, we cannot reject them and no longer be a father or mother. There is the birth certificate, everything is in there, even with an official stamp. So God can no longer reject us as His children, but remains faithful to us.
The verse above helped me a lot when I was in big conflicts. Again and again I did one thing wrong, almost every day. And again and again I had to apologize and believe that He forgives. That was hard! But Jesus made His word true and brought about forgiveness and faith in me. So every morning I could experience His grace anew. How good that did! I, a miserable sinner, pardoned by God, new every morning, morning after morning. Then I began to understand how God’s grace is infinite. Hallelujah!
I also know some people who decided for Jesus and became real Christians. But then they walked for years on old, worldly paths. But Jesus never let them out of his sight. And they returned to Jesus before they died. In heaven we will see them again. HE never leaves His children to the devil so that the devil cannot triumph. He always keeps His word, even if it’s for the last five minutes.

Thank ​Y​ou Jesus, ​Y​ou are faithful! Even though I am only a man and a sinner, You are with me and never forget me. No, You never leave me or forget me. Thank You, I am safe with You!

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