“Unsolvable problems” – 2015.09.02

“Unsolvable problems” – 2015.09.02

Save us and help us with your right hand,
that those you love may be delivered.
Psalm 108: 6
Sometimes it appears to us that there is no salvation possible anymore, that the problems are simply too big. The political problems are too difficult, the economical problems cannot be solved, the environment, the beautiful earth get broken.
In our own life it looks similar sometimes: Unsolvable problems.As a child I had small "unsolvable" problems which, however, could be solved by dad and mom. As an adult I had large unsolvable problems.
How wonderful that God is a Father who has a solution for everything! He is ready to help. His right Hand, the strong and victorious one, is already lifted to intervene. He is awaiting our cry for help to save us, His beloved ones.
God, should He act today differently as we experienced it as kids with mom and dad? He is the kind and caring Father. He never let His children alone. He always has a way out even if it sometimes takes too long for us.
Israel has left Egypt and camped at the Red Sea. Behind them was the army of the pharaoh, in front of them the sea. No escape was to be seen! No hope! However, God had a plan which nobody could imagine: He simply blew away the water so that the people could cross the sea dry. When the bloodthirsty pursuers arrived the water floods came back and swallowed them. Who would ever have imagined that? God`s salvation was just awesome and in time. In this way He could demonstrate His power and win the trust of His people. He is the Lord!
We always should contact the Lord with our "unsolvable" problems. We should seek Him to receive His advice and comfort. We will welcome His love, will not rebel and accuse Him. Instead, we entrust ourselves to Him: He will lead us through! He is the Father who saves His beloved people.

Thank you, Father! You always found a way out. You save your beloved people! All my concerns I cast on You and seek Your face. Comfort me, encourage me, give me new hope! Yes, I believe in You!

Bible reading today – psalm 119: 49-72

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