Visa for Heaven – 2016.09.20

Visa for Heaven – 2016.09.20

I press on towards the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenwards in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 3,14

Some time ago I wanted to travel by train to another country. This meant I had to get my paperwork in order and enquire whether I would need a visa. Passport, train ticket and visa were required. Then the journey could begin. At the border everything was checked, and a few passengers had to disembark because they were not in possession of a valid visa. I don’t know what became of them. Heaven is similar. We need a visa if we want to arrive at our destination.
We need to stick to the rules if we want to come to God. These rules are instated by God,not man. In other religions it is the person who decides which is the right way to arrive at his god and his salvation, but with the living God there is only one way: the way He has created for us. And at the border of God’s Kingdom we need a "visa", signed by God’s Son, Jesus Christ. Without it we can travel for a long time, but soon we will have to disembark.
The visa that brings us to our destination is our faith in Jesus, His forgiveness and the acceptance as child of God and the fulfillment with the Holy Spirit. We need to cling to that with all our strength!
The Heavenly prize is for people who have overcome the need for revenge and bitterness, people who want to and are able to forgive. It is for people who can be merciful. It is for us if Jesus has forgiven us all our sins, because then we have become pure and righteous. The prize goes to people who cling to Jesus, even when the temptations and needs are great;- their faith sees them through.
We need to ask Jesus for this visa, His Yes to us, if we strive for this Heavenly calling. We need to recognise Him as our Lord and pray for Him to be King in our hearts. We want to work all the injustice and unholiness out of our hearts and ask Jesus for forgiveness. At the same time we need to forgive others as He forgives us (He can help us, as long as we are willing!). But as long as our hearts are filled with self pity and bitterness, there is no space for Jesus. Let us fight fervently and with determination for this visa! Then the Heavenly victor’s prize will be ours!

Thank You, Jesus, for granting me the visa for Heaven! All I need to give You in return are my burdens, my sins, guilt, incompleteness, failure, worries and fears! In return You give me the Holy Spirit who lives in my heart. That is a fantastic, Heavenly victor’s prize! Thank You!!!

Bible study for today: John 5,19-30

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