We sin …   – 2020.05.30

We sin …   – 2020.05.30

My little children, I am writing these things to you so that you may not sin. But if anyone does sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.
1. John 2, 1

John is a good follower of Jesus, a faithful man. But sometimes he gets caught and he becomes guilty. This is very unpleasant for him and he is devastated. He even gets depressed about his failure and rolls in his guilt for weeks. A terrible state! After some time he can finally claim forgiveness and slowly comes back to life.
Martin was in the mud for a long time until Jesus saved him. Now he loves Jesus above all. But he constantly makes mistakes, he does so many things wrong and sins again and again. But he remains cheerful and says: “Thank you Jesus, you have forgiven me for that too! You loved me and paid the penalty on the cross even then! Thank you, I am free, Your blood cleanses me from all sin! – and he continues his journey cheerfully. In the meantime he has learned a lot and doesn’t make many mistakes anymore, but the cheerfulness and buoyancy of faith has remained.
We Christians unfortunately make mistakes and sin from time to time. Jesus already knew it when He called us near Him. He knew that we are not saints, but people. He is therefore happy if we come immediately and ask for forgiveness and do not defiantly continue on our wrong path. The sooner we turn back to Jesus, the better, the more Jesus rejoices.
We should not dig in the dirt for weeks and gnash our teeth at our stupidity. We are children of God and through Jesus we always have access to the Father! Jesus is our intercessor, who always and immediately forgives all our sins. Believe Him!! – then you will become a happy, elated Christian. HE loves you!!

Thank You Jesus, You forgive me seventyseven times a day! How great is Your love and Your patience! Lord, You know I love You and want to follow You. Thank You for bringing me to the goal!

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